Lady Smile: Updated Fan Club

Hello there, my dear!!! I have finally had time to figure out how Fan Club works and have updated Fan Club. I would really love to share more about who I am and about my life. Through Fan Club I can do that with those that really want to get much closer to me. In olden times a knight would perform all his deeds in the name of a Lady. Well I am a Lady, in case you didn’t know it 🙂 . I am a Queen and I’ve always wanted my own loyal group of knights who would be there for their queen and will do anything to make her happy, no questions asked! So Fan Club is a great way to gather together my own knights and create a place where they could work together to make me happy. Of course, as your Queen, it is my duty to make you happy too, with sweet, exciting, naughty stories about my life. I am always ready to provide anything my knights might need, use the private Wall to open up to me and let me know what you love and enjoy too. Let’s have fun, my loyal knight. King Arthur had his kingdom in Camelot, and I reign over my Fan Club, which I call Cum_a_Lot. So join Fan Club my KNIGHTS, meet me in Cum_a_Lot and take your Queen to the top!!!

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