Lady Smile: I Have Not Gone Away … :)

Hello there my dears,Thank you for all your messages. I have been offline for a couple of weeks, but hope to be back soon. Remember to keep voting for me in FOTY each day. Some of you have already done completed the 30 votes in 30 days challenge and will have 10mins free private with me when I reture … and I promise, it will be worth the wait. The rest of you can keep voting each day and see can you get your 30 votes in 30 days before 31st Dec – and you will get 10mins free Pvt with me. Are you up for the challenge? Remember, you can still contact me while I am offline by using Flirt SMS. I’ll get the sms instantly on my phone. And you can always email me through my bio/profile page.Hope to see you soonKisses Fran

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