Isabella Lewis: My Last Relationship

I was dating a very old man … he had a very big penis and I loved it. even though I am very small and tight, so every time I fucked him it was very painful but pleasant for me … I only have the memories. Nice memories. I am 20 years old and he is 40 years old, I think what caught me was his maturity and experience, he knew how to make me fly with pleasure. I really enjoyed it. Besides, he is a very tall person, because he is 1.80 cm tall, and I am 1.50 cm tall hahaha in bed he handled me at will as he wanted, he caught me, he hit me. He turned me on so much, he was the one who controlled the situation in sex, I did what he wanted … I was practically a submissive and I loved being one, a man could never control me like that, since normally I am the one who controls the situation and the dominant one. but with him she was completely weak, falling to his feet over and over again. I remember that he loved how he licked my vagina, I cried with pleasure, I also remember that his penis did not fit in my mouth, it was very difficult, he cared about my pleasure, so he kissed my whole body, rubbed and massaged until I was completely wet and So I put his penis slowly and then he fucked me very hard … just remembering it made me really wet. I had very big orgasms with him and he went crazy with pleasure for me

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