Cassie Faye: How's the Colorado Trip Going?

It’s my birthday weekend, so I went to see some friends out here! It’s my first time in the state, and seeing the beautiful Rocky Mountains! The air here is much thinner, and you notice quickly – I can’t seem to have enough water and had a headache my first day. Yesterday, I had a long, rejuvenating soak in a hot sulphur spring. The destress and relaxation was absolutely needed, and my skin and hair feel transformed from the healing minerals of the water. Wish you were here to play around with me! I will be back to broadcasting and receiving calls on Flirt Phone by Tuesday, April 11th! In the mean time, show me some birthday love by purchasing a video or contributing to the Lush tip target on my bio page! Thank you all so much for all the warm birthday wishes and gifts! Cheers to another wonderful year together! Xoxo, Cassie

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