Alessia Syrus: Yes, No, Maybe: Find New Ways to Play

What if itâs a Yes?Focus on the âYesâsâ we have in common. Who knew maybe we are both into dirty talk? If youâre not sure how to get started with something you havenât tried before, just ask for my help. A good place to start is my room. You may find that talking about sex can be just as fun as having it. What if itâs a No?If itâs a no, itâs a noâ"but be open to discussing the âwhy.â If something is a ânoâ for me, but a âyesâ for you, talk about it without applying any pressure. If it doesnât feel comfortable discussing the reasons why something is a ânoâ, then honor my decision. You can always revisit the topic in the future.What if itâs a Maybe?Mutual âmaybeâsâ are fun to explore. Couples are encouraged to spend time talking about the âmaybeâsâ to go a bit deeper. Whatâs turns you on about this topic? What about it turns you off? Youâll find that these conversations can turn âmaybeâsâ into âyesâsâ with a little bit of imagination and creativity.

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